Good Luck, Bad Luck

Here is one theory.

Is luck the outcome of your own creative thinking? be it good or bad. The Universe is here to help us realize our every thought.

Some call it destiny, fate, karma, inevitability, choice, free will, I call it luck.

However, most human beings do not use our free will. Most of us just hang in there and let the outer world decide. Most people create no thoughts, and are prone to the randomness of nature, and the thoughts of others.

That is one theory on why religions are so successful. Religions prevent people from thinking for yourself. The priests will think for you, will issue rules, and will tell you what to think. If that is the case, can religions take away your own creativity? Is this the same reason armies exist? The soldier stops thinking. All he has to do is follow orders. If this theory is true than is it laziness of the mind and ignorance of the truth that decides how lucky or unlucky one is?

This is where amulets/charms and talismans come in. We all know what a good luck charm is.  These are items that bring luck, they help to avoid troubles, they help to find your  way. Can they create friendships? love? health? wealth?.

How do they work? How can a rabbit foot, or a four leaf clover, a horseshoe, bring luck to the owner? The truth is that they don’t work by themselves. Truth is that the owner of the amulet/charm  produces his own luck. The charm is only help, a guide, and a channel through which the owners’ thoughts are bundled towards the goal. Have you ever been in a bingo parlor. Wow!!! everyone has a good luck charm on the bingo table, around there neck or arm.  Anything from a small troll, gold gambling charms, to their favorite pack of gum. 

Everything in the material world has begun as a thought. Be it a car, a radio, a piece of jewelry or a dollar bill. Someone had to think it first, then word it, and then make it. Right?

So with luck, good or bad, it has to be created by the thinker. An amulet, charm or talisman helps the owner to direct his thoughts to create the desired result. Another little known fact is that wishful thinking never produces the result one wishes for. As all thoughts are received by the Universe, it immediately goes to work to create your reality. While you carry the charm that you think brings you good health, the good health is being created by the Universe you are in. Or luck or money or a friend or anything you desire.

Through time charms for specific results were constructed in certain shapes and forms. A lions head is to bring good health, a frog will help with weight loss and horse helps a person focus.  Different animals bring different results.

We are proud to offer you a range of charms.  Including a huge selection of Animals. What's your desire? Health? Wealth? Love? What's your luck?  Good or Bad?  If its good, keep it. If it’s bad change it!



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